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God & Country

Collections celebrating the Faithful Patriots! These collections focus on what makes America great - God, while celebrating and remembering how God has blessed us as a nation and a people! 

Stickers Are a Great Way to Share Our Faith!

Stickers are more than just decor; they're portable expressions of faith that ignite conversations and plant seeds of transformation in hearts.

Our Mission

At Trini-T Ministries, our mission is to empower believers, nurture faith, and spread the message of God's Good News of love and hope. Your support helps us make a meaningful impact in communities worldwide, strengthening believers and supporting ministries that embody God's love. Together, we can make a difference and share the light of Christ with the world!



Very beautiful stickers! And it even came with a note and packaging<3 (Stephanie)

Loved this shirt, it made a great gift for my husband! (Natalie)