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Only Holy Ghost - Trini-T Ministries

Only Holy Ghost

Only Holy Ghost

Halloween is a time of year when we see a lot of imagery of ghosts. You might see Halloween decorations featuring ghosts around the neighborhood. October is filled with TV shows and movies about ghosts and other scary creatures. It’s a perfect time of year to share about a different ghost, the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit).

Holy Ghost is not like the ghosts portrayed in movies, TV, and pop-culture. He is not mean, or mischievous. He is not a poor lost or wandering soul.

God is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. He is referred to as the Spirit of truth (John 14:15-17, 16:13-15), He is our Helper and our Comforter, our Advocate. He will teach us all things and bring the Word of God to our remembrance (John 14:26, Romans 8:26). He is our Gift (Acts 2:38). He helps us to be more and more like God, bearing fruit (love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). He is our promise and the one who clothes us with power from on high, He opens our minds to understand the Scriptures (Luke 24:45-49).

This is a great time of year to get to know and share with others about a different ghost – the Holy Ghost. This was the idea behind our Only Holy Ghost collection. It can be a fun ice-breaker, a way to start a conversation with others, or even your Halloween costume. Everything Trini-T Ministries produces is designed to edify, educate, and facilitate conversations about God.

It is my sincere prayer that Trini-T’s designs and devotionals help sow seeds that will lead to salvation.

We've just launched our Only Holy Ghost collection just in time for upcoming October festivities. Take a look at our collection, there's something for everyone in the family! Here's a small sample from the collection available exclusively at Trini-T Ministries.


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